Famine Knocks on Gaza's Doors
Fri 21 Jun 2024 - 13:16

“Lebanon Debate”

The situation in Gaza remains uncertain following Israel's disregard of US President Joe Biden’s ceasefire proposal and its apparent dismissal of the UN resolution for a ceasefire.

However, a new development was noticed, as the US has launched an attempt to suggest that the one preventing a ceasefire and a settlement is the Hamas movement, despite the fact that the latter welcomed the announcement of the proposal and even made notes and handed them over to the Qatari and Egyptian mediators.

But how does the situation look in Gaza today? And what is awaiting the sector in the near future?

In this context, Walid Kilani, Hamas' media coordinator in Lebanon, confirmed in an interview with “Lebanon Debate” that the status quo persists.

He noted that Hamas had responded to the American proposal some time ago and is now awaiting an Israeli response.

Kilani expressed surprise at the US holding Hamas accountable, whether through American envoy Amos Hochstein or State Department's Antony Blinken, stating: "This is untrue. We proposed a plan that the American side agreed to study, proving our willingness. Let them pressure Israel, not Hamas.”

He also pointed Israel is attempting to exert pressure through the Rafah crossing and by restricting aid to northern regions, adding that famine is knocking on the doors of residents, expanding day by day, as it is more severe than it was before due to the hostile actions of Israel towards the Palestinians.

Kilani emphasized that despite these challenges, the resistance will not retreat, or back down, maintaining its strength and preparing new tactics to counter the enemy. However, the coordinator did acknowledge that the humanitarian crisis remains a critical pressure point.

He pointed out that the key factor that could change the situation is Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah's stance, linking Lebanon's issues to the Palestinian cause. Nasrallah explicitly stated, "If you want a solution in Lebanon, things must be solved in Gaza first."

Kilani underscored that Nasrallah's statement underscores the tight link between Gaza and Lebanon's situations, suggesting that until Gaza stabilizes, tensions in northern occupied Palestine will persist.

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