Jaradeh Defends the Resistance
Fri 21 Jun 2024 - 13:48

“Lebanon Debate”

Elias Jaradeh, MP in the “Together for Change” bloc, confirms that “what is happening in Gaza has trespassed both geographical and ideological borders. According to him, the war is no longer solely aimed at the Gaza people and Hamas militants; it has become a war on humanity that will set the base for a cruel humanitarian regime if the current situation persists.”

In an interview with Lebanon Debate, Jaradeh reaffirms that “the one who remains silent in the face of human rights abuses, especially in the current circumstances, is nothing but a mute devil. One shall not forget that the actions of Israel violate human rights. This country is committing crimes against humanity while disregarding international laws and conventions.”

The MP emphasized that “the conflict in Gaza is not only linked to a specific group; it has become a global and humanitarian issue of utmost importance. Especially with the self-mobilization we are witnessing among youth who are deeply affected by the atrocities in Gaza.”

He argued that “anyone with dignity should stand in solidarity with Gaza and acknowledge the situation in southern Lebanon. Anyone with consciousness should reject discussions that narrowly classify Hezbollah as a religious party and Hamas as an Islamic party. Such talks are deliberately absurd and intended to distract from the gravity of the humanitarian crisis.”

Jaradeh further explained, "Yes, Hezbollah and Hamas have religious affiliations, but this is a shared characteristic shared among all humanity. The problem does not lie in religious affiliation but in actions that fail to defend humanity and lead to severe consequences."

The MP highlighted that “the Resistance is not limited to Hezbollah alone but encompasses all Lebanese communities. Even if Hezbollah has great capabilities, the resistance existed before the party and remains a fundamental principle upheld by the people of the southern region and not by one community alone. The Resistance is taking humanitarian stances that will resonate with future generations. Instead of questioning why someone is doing good, we should question those who remain silent in the face of injustice."

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